Poll Discovers Most Londoners In Favour of Making Tube Strikes Illegal

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16th April 2013 15:56 - Public Consultation


A poll on behalf of the London Assembly Conservatives has discovered wide-spread public annoyance over Tube strikes.

As many as two thirds of Londoners think it is far too easy for Tube workers to go on strike - when respondents were asked whether they thought it was too easy for union members to stage a walk out, only 14% disagreed.

Furthermore, almost half of those polled would like to see industrial action outlawed altogether – 47% support Government legislation to make it illegal for tube workers to grid the capital’s main transport to a halt by taking strike action.

When questioned about their opinions on how to reduce strikes, 16% of respondents were in favour of a complete ban where workers would be sacked for breach of contract if they withdrawing their labour, while 15% backed the “Taylor Law” (used for the New York subway) which bans strike action but gives unions a right to binding arbitration.

In addition, 16% supported “pendulum” arbitration in which a judge cannot compromise but has to choose between the position of the employer or the union.

Only 14% of those polled feel the current status quo on strike law in the UK does not need to be changed.

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