Poll Finds Brits Cannot Bear to Part with Their Pets on Holiday

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17th October 2011 16:14 - Public Consultation

High street retailer Wilkinson has carried out a poll on UK dog owners about their holiday plans – the results show that most Britons would rather remain in the UK than leave their beloved pets home alone.

Of the millions of UK citizens surveyed, the UK's reputation as a nation of animal lovers was strongly upheld, with many claiming they would rather have a holiday at home than choose a sunnier, more exotic location where they would have to leave their pets behind.

The survey also showed that spending money on pet luxuries is also high on Brit priority lists. Over a quarter of those questioned said that they would gladly pay the equivalent of adult fares and expenses for the opportunity to take their pets on holiday.

A spokesperson for Wilkinson commented: "A growing trend is pet-friendly hotels and attractions. Make sure your pet is healthy enough to travel and consider how they respond to spending time in a car or a train.”

He added: “Many animals can also find the change in routine and environment very stressful so carefully consider whether taking your pet on holiday with you is the best option.”

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