Poll Finds Majority of Britons Seek Out Comforts of Home When On Holiday

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30th June 2011 17:55 - Public Consultation

A survey by travel agent www.sunshine.co.uk has revealed that when most Britons go abroad, they prefer to enjoy food they would eat at home rather than try foreign dishes.

In total, the poll found that 27% of UK tourists will only eat home style cooking, while 55% of those surveyed said they tend to actively seek out home comforts when travelling overseas. In addition, more than a third admits hunting for restaurants that serve British food.

Further results of the study indicated a lack of Britons immersing themselves in the foreign culture they find themselves in – 25% look for British bars, 21% seek out UK television channels, 17% visit British stores and 12% prefer to buy British brands.

Of the 1,509 British holidaymakers surveyed, there were some however who did try to experience and engage in foreign culture, although they were not in the majority.

A mere nine% said they attempted to speak the language of the country they had last visited on holiday, while 48% said that they expected the locals to speak English.

The poll found that only 21% said they actively avoided typical British home comforts while abroad, with two in three of these claiming they did this to experience something different from what they were used to in the UK.

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