Poll Highlights Growing Public Mistrust about the EU

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25th July 2013 15:26 - Public Consultation

Public Consultation Market Research, which questioned 32,694 European Union citizens, has discovered that the majority of people do not trust the EU as an institution.

As many as 60% of the EU citizens who took part in the poll said they have no faith in the 28-nation bloc. Furthermore, the number of people who feel this way is rising - nearly two thirds of respondents on the continent “tend not to trust” the EU, representing a 3% increase from last year.

This figure included 83% of Cypriots, 80% of Greeks, 75% of Spaniards, 71% of Portuguese and 68% of Britons.  

The annual Eurobarometer survey also found that 67% of Europeans feel their voice does not count in the EU, which is the highest level since 2004 when the question was first asked. Furthermore, 55% of the surveyants feel there is further economic turmoil ahead.

Ukip Deputy Leader, Paul Nuttall, commented on the findings: “This poll commissioned by the EU shows that support for and trust in the EU is falling month by month. As the euro-fuelled financial crisis become a social crisis of unemployment and hopelessness, mistrust in the EU is growing."

He added: “David Cameron has his work cut out for him as he tries to convince the British electorate to stay in the European Union.”

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