Poll Reveals Two-Thirds of Britons Fill Their Garage with Clutter Instead of Cars

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2nd November 2011 17:51 - Public Consultation

A new survey of 1,000 British adults on behalf of Aviva has found that 66% of UK households use their garages to store possessions rather than to park their car.

The ‘Garage Gridlock’ study found that 25% of those surveyed admitted to parking a car on their drive instead, even though 41% said they were worried their cars could be broken into, stolen or vandalised.

Men were found to be the worst culprits for cluttering the garage, with 68% storing items such as DIY materials, tools or gardening equipment.

While many Britons preferred to use their garage for storage, some 25.5% admitted to parking outside simply because they feel it takes too much effort to park their vehicles in the garage.

The average household has cars worth £13,500 parked on their driveway or road, and stores around £3,400 worth of items in the garage. A third of those polled admitted to finding it difficult to locate on-street parking however.

Experts advise that not only is parking vehicles in a garage safer, it could also save drivers a significant amount of money on their car insurance.

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