Poll of Young Travellers Finds Biggest Holiday Regret to Be Tattoos

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7th May 2012 17:48 - Public Consultation

A survey of 1,790 holidaymakers aged 18 to 25 by travel agent sunshine.co.uk has revealed the travel souvenir they most regret.

With 19% of respondents admitting to having had a tattoo on a trip abroad and as many as 54% who said they knew someone who had had one done, young tourists are increasingly taking to these permanent souvenirs while on holiday.

Nevertheless, as many as two in three said they later severely regretted it. Of these young holidaymakers who rued the day they got their tattoo, 65% were women and 67% were men.

The most popular designs for those who had come home with a tattoo were stars, followed by a motto or phrase and in third place a heart.

Co-founder of Sunshine.co.uk, Chris Clarkson, concluded with a warning: “Getting a tattoo on holiday might seem like a good idea at the time, but the number of people that were found to have regretted doing so in this poll just goes to show that it might not be the best choice.”

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