Postcard Poll Measures Romance and Comedy Levels in Germany, UK and US

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1st September 2011 16:44 - Public Consultation

A poll conducted by Touchnote, which looked at the current popularity of sending postcards by their UK, US and German customers, has revealed some interesting results.

Germans were found to be the most romantic, with 32% of all postcards they sent featuring couples or other romantic images. They were followed by the US at 19% and the UK  at 17%.

When it came to sending 'xx kisses' however, the UK came out top with 45%. In contrast, the US and Germany lagged behind with less than 1% each.

Americans won through on the comedy rating with 15% of all their postcards displaying 'funny' or irreverent pictures. The UK came second with 9%, and Germany last at 8%.

In addition, dogs were the most popular pet featured on postcards in all three countries surveyed – only 1% of postcards featured other pets or animals.

The study also showed a shift from traditional postcards which displayed scenery – only 15% of the total cards sent featured these types of images.

The Touchnote Postcard Poll analysed over 2,000 postcards sent during a 2 week period in August 201. Results were collated anonymously.

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