Research Finds Loneliness a Key Issue at Christmas

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26th November 2013 10:45 - Public Consultation

According to new research findings, forty nine per cent of people (and 55% of those that have been divorced) find Christmas very stressful. The research suggests those that have been divorced are even more likely to feel the pressure with the threat of loneliness looming during the festive period. Thirty one per cent of those taking part in the poll claimed they were not looking forward to the Christmas season at all. That rose to 34% for divorced or separated people.  More than 36% said they wanted the Christmas season to be over with as soon as possible with 38% of divorced people agreeing with the same sentiment.  Furthermore, 24% disagreed with the statement that ‘I like the Christmas season because I can spend quality time with my family’ - the finding was even higher among those who have been through a divorce (27%). While 13% of all respondents said they felt particularly lonely at Christmas this was true for 23% of the divorced population.

Commenting on the findings Sophie Hughes, chair for Resolution, said: “Many aspects of the festive season cause acute stress for families, we know that the festive season can put a real stress on relationships. For those couples who are going through a separation, it can often be made significantly less stressful and more financially manageable by exploring all the options that are available. The perception that everyone else is enjoying themselves can make Christmas a very miserable time for lonely people, while many families will go into debt to meet festive expectations... It’s very sad indeed that the season of joy should cause such distress”

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