Sleeping Naked Makes You Happier With Your Relationship, Study Says

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1st July 2014 16:02 - Public Consultation

A study, conducted by Cotton USA, has revealed that couples who sleep naked are happiest in their relationship.

Of the 1,004 Britons polled, almost three fifths (57%) of those who sleep in the nude said they are happy in their relationship. Just under half (48%) of those who sleep in their pyjamas said they were content with their relationship, with people who sleep in their nightie (43%) or onesie (38%) slightly further behind.

Almost half (45%) of the over 55s confessed to bearing all in their sleep, with this figure dropping to four in 10 for the sample as a whole.

Furthermore, bedroom manners are said to have an impact on the happiness of one’s relationship too. Dirty washing on the floor (59%), eating in bed (50%) and wearing socks (23%) were among the biggest turn-offs.

Other bedroom annoyances included: clutter, unmade beds, allowing pets in and hogging the duvet.

According to the study, bedroom attire can also affect people’s opinions of a date. Satin nightwear is associated with wealth and sleaze, cotton is connected to cleanliness and polyester is said to be cheap.

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