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21st November 2013 16:54 - Public Consultation

New research carried out by business social networking site LinkedIn has revealed that getting married and having children were deemed top ‘life priorities’ by more men than women. The poll of more than 1,000 professionals dispelled many of the gender stereotypes, the majority (86%) of men cited that starting a family fitted into their definition of ‘making it’ compared to 73% of women saying the same.  While only two-thirds (66%) of women equated ‘having it all’ with being in a ‘strong, loving marriage’ compared to 76% of men who felt the same. The research also points towards men as being more likely than women to describe themselves as ‘family-oriented’.  The research also reveals women are more keenly focused on their careers.

Additionally the findings show that striking the right work-life balance was the number one goal for both men and women. Slightly more men identified this as a concern with 50% admitting this compared to 48% of women. However, the results also reveal that both genders struggle to reach this balance with 58% of both men and women claiming to have worked over the weekend at least once or twice a month, with three-fifths (62%) checking work emails during annual leave.

Commenting on the findings, Jacky Carter from LinkedIn said

“What really surprised us in the results of the study is that men don't see money as the source of having it all -- they actually place the highest value on family.”

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