Survey Finds Joy is in Lifes Simple Pleasures

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22nd June 2012 14:57 - Public Consultation

Sports cars, champagne, exotic holidays and an impressive bank balance are all very well and good, but a new survey has revealed that the best things in life are free.

Of the 2,000 people who took part in the study, the majority chose simple pleasures over luxuries as their source of joy, with 22% picking laughing and 21% going for dinner with good friends. The all important hug came in third at 19%.

Also making the Top 10 list were reading a book, walking on the beach, a bed with clean sheets, watching sunsets and looking through old photographs.

The survey was organised by ‘Apples from New Zealand’. Their Head of Marketing, Ralph Walker, said: 'It seems that in an overly complicated and stressful world we’re looking for ways to reconnect with what really matters.... Family, friends and the beauty of nature make people happiest.”

The study’s results indicate that even though many of us place great importance on material possessions, very often it’s the simplest things in life which don’t cost anything that seem to bring people the most joy.

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