Survey Finds Rise in Public Acceptance of Online Dating

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19th September 2011 21:10 - Public Consultation

A study by UK online matchmaking site SingleMe has found that people in their thirties and forties increasingly view the use of an Internet dating service as socially acceptable.

The survey, which looked at how dating is perceived by different age groups over a 60 day period, gathered feedback from a randomly selected group of single men and women.

While internet dating and online personals have traditionally been perceived as uncomfortable and dubious, the new findings suggest that attitudes to singles dating are changing more rapidly than ever thought possible just a few short years ago.

More than 65% of single females and 78% of single men surveyed said they would consider using a mainstream or niche dating web site as opposed to relying on conventional methods.

While the older generations are now catching on, it came as no surprise that Britons in their late teens and twenties are most at ease when looking for an online relationship, since they’ve grown up with social networking.

In addition, single men and women from larger cities and metropolitan areas have more relaxed attitudes to using a personals service, with London dating being a perfect example of the rise in public interest for local dating services.

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