Survey Highlights Loss of Neighbourly Spirit in UK

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28th November 2011 17:33 - Public Consultation

Conducted by used car programme Nissan CARED4A, a survey of 1,000 people has uncovered a lack of community spirit in Britain compare to previous generations.

The study was carried out in line with a Nissan competition aimed at bringing unsung heroes who have performed random acts of kindness to light.

According to the survey, only 6% say community spirit is strong in their area, 51% wouldn't ask a neighbour for help and 70% admitted they didn't even know any of their neighbours by name. The main reason given for this decline is lack of time to meet people in the community.

All in all, northern Ireland was rated as the kindest place in Britain, where neighbourly interaction and kindness is highest. Scotland however ranked last.

In addition, Geordies were judged to have the friendliest neighbours, followed by the Irish and those from the West Country. Contrasting this, Liverpudlians were rated as the most irritating neighbours.

A total of 83% of those surveyed agreed that Britain was a 'kinder place' when their parents were their age.

David Jamilly, founder of Kindness UK who are working with Nissan CARED4, commented: 'Kindness and kind acts, towards people, animals, nature and the environment, are what make the difference between a ‘me society’ and a ‘we community’.”

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