Survey Reveals Cost of Britains Pet Obsession

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3rd May 2011 16:32 - Public Consultation

Britain is well known as a nation of animal lovers, but new research has shown just how much the countries obsession with its pampered pets is costing it each year.

The survey by animal welfare charity Blue Cross has revealed a bill of almost £15 billion each year.  This figure is spread across 26 million pet owners, meaning that each pet incurs an average weekly cost of just over £11.

Unfortunately for the nations pets however, the recent economic downturn looks set to change this animal expenditure trend as the recession bites into family budgets.
Laura Sleight, of the Blue Cross, commented: "We pride ourselves on being a nation of animal lovers, but the sad reality is some pet owners can either no longer afford to keep their pets or are unable to provide a suitable home for them.”

She concluded: "Animals add so much to our lives but it's important that people understand the cost, time and commitment involved.

It’s not bad news for all the animals though as the survey also showed that 7% of pet owners are happily paying out more than £60 a week on their beloved pets.

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