Survey Shows Increasing Popularity of Gaming in Europe

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9th August 2011 19:03 - Public Consultation

A market research survey on behalf of PopCap has revealed that more than half of Europe's adults are gamers, indicating that the games industry is one of the fastest growing in the world.

The National Gamers Survey, which focused on adults playing games throughout Europe, found that consoles were the largest single spend by consumers. In the UK, they account for 44% of gaming cash, amounting to an estimated £3.6 billion. 

The rest of UK gaming money is spent on casual game sites at 11%, a further 10% on mobile games and 6% on social network gaming.

France has similar spending habits, although the French tend to spend the most money per player at an average of £22.30 per month, compared to £18.60 per UK player every month.

The UK has been discovered as having the largest population percentage of gaming adults, with a gender difference of 68% being men and 59% being women. In France, 61% of men are gamers compared to 52% of women.

PopCap Europe General Manager, Paul Breslin, commented: “This is clearly a maturing market that has by no means finished evolving. People want to play a range of different games across different platforms. From a publisher’s perspective, this shows the importance of having diversity and multi-platform solutions...”

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