Survey Shows UK Men Outshine Women as House Proud

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16th May 2011 16:54 - Public Consultation

One of the UK’s leading domestic cleaning companies, Molly Maid, recently conducted a survey which revealed that men are more likely to be embarrassed about the cleanliness of their homes than women, with a third of them going as far as to apologise to their cleaners.

In total, 48% of men surveyed admitted to cleaning up before their cleaner arrives, compared to only 37% of women doing the same. A fifth of men spend over an hour tidying their homes in preparation for a cleaner, despite claims that this frustrates their partners.

Chief Executive of Molly Maid, Pam Bader OBE, commented: "Often our maids will come across notes left by home owners apologising for various degrees of messiness... It is nice that in today's busy society British politeness still shines through, along with that element of being a house proud nation. However, we wouldn't want embarrassment or guilt to prevent people from investing in an extra pair of hands to help out.

Dirty dishes, unclean toilets and underwear are the things that UK homeowners would least want the cleaner to lay eyes on, and two thirds of those questioned still value a cleaner around the house, despite the face saving measures made by house-proud Brits.

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