Survey Uncovers What Makes Children Happiest

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15th April 2011 15:10 - Public Consultation

A study conducted by Opinion Matters for the Edward Monkton and Purple Ronnie brands has found that children are made happiest by friends, family and birthdays rather than with computer games and other gadgets.

The survey of 1,000 children aged up to 16 found that when asked what they thought made their parents happy, "spending time with their children" came top, followed by "having a holiday" at 50.9% and in third place came spending time with each other at 45.2%.

The study further showed that gaming is more popular than chocolates, while social networking websites are less popular than playing outside.

Differences in gender preferences were seen to emerge among the children surveyed, with girls enjoying “doing something nice for another person”, “reading a book” and “eating chocolate”, while boys were more inclined to be playing with toys, computer games or other gadgets.

The scores for levels of happiness from 1 to 10 saw fairly similar levels between boys and girls however, but there were some marked differences according to region. Children in Cardiff totalled 42.9% and Leeds 42.2%, while the rating for children in Belfast was 7.7% and 16.7% in Sheffield.

On average, children rated their happiness at 8.5 out of 10, compared to only 6.5 for adults.

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