Survey finds Wrexham has the highest rate of homelessness in Wales

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8th February 2016 16:04 - Public Consultation

A recent survey by the Welsh Government has revealed that Wrexham has the highest rate of people sleeping in the street, during a one night survey exploring homelessness.Survey finds Wrexham has the highest rate of homelessness in Wales

The study revealed that per 10,000 households in Wrexham, there were 2.9 people sleeping rough during a one night monitoring period, which took place in November – the joint highest rate in all of Wales, as well as Cardiff.

When the researchers were patrolling the streets between 11pm on November 25th and 3am on November 26th, there were a total of 17 people sleeping rough on the streets of Wrexham.

In the two week period between November 2nd and November 15th, the researchers found 31 people sleeping on Wrexham’s streets, the second highest figure following Cardiff.

In the county of Wrexham, there were 16 emergency beds available for those in need, however, on November 25th, 2 were left unoccupied.

The Welsh Government claimed in a report that information about homeless individuals was difficult to pinpoint, as it could be inaccurate.

The report said: “The Welsh Assembly Government has a long-established objective to end the need for anyone to sleep rough by ensuring appropriate and accessible accommodation is available.

“The amount of information on the extent of rough sleeping in Wales, however, has been limited and where surveys have been carried out there have been inconsistencies in methods, timing and coverage.”

The report also said that the one night survey had many limitation and provided only identified very broad findings about the extent of homelessness.

“The main aim of the initial phase of the 2015 rough sleeper monitoring exercise was to establish an estimate of the number of people thought to be sleeping rough within each local authority area over a two-week period, how long they are sleeping rough and the type of rough sleeping they are experiencing.” The report said. “The information was to be used to both target and complement the subsequent one-night count, as well as helping local authorities and other relevant agencies to develop specific and appropriate support services.

“The estimated number of persons sleeping rough obtained from the two-week survey should not be regarded as conclusive.

“However, the information does provide a better understanding.”

In Flintshire, the level of homelessness appeared to be notably lower, with just 5 people sleeping rough during the two week window in November, whereas, only one individual was found sleeping rough during the one day period.

Unlike Wrexham, there are no emergency beds provided in Flintshire, according to the Welsh Government’s report.

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