Survey finds majority of public think fire-fighters contribute most to society’s wellbeing

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12th October 2015 17:51 - Public Consultation

According to the findings of a recent survey, 73 per cent of the public believe that fire-fighters contribute the most to society’s wellbeing, only Survey finds majority of public think fire-fighters contribute most to society’s wellbeingbeaten by doctors and hospital staff.

The survey – which was carried out by the Fire Brigades Union – found that fire-fighters were ranked in joint third place with teachers, as the group of professionals who impact on society’s wellbeing. Following fire-fighters, as the fourth group who contribute the most to society’s wellbeing, were the police (67 per cent).

However, at the bottom of the rank were bankers, with just 4 per cent of the votes.

Of the respondents, those who were aged between 35 and 44, female and living in the East or South of England were the demographics most likely to regard fire-fighters in high esteem.

Around 84 per cent of the respondents said that they were against cuts to the fire and rescue service, with just 4 per cent of this proportion believing that there should be less fire-fighters serving the public. Making up the rest of the 84 per cent were the 43 per cent who said that the fire service should keep jobs at the same level and the remaining percentage who believed that fire service jobs should increase.

Additionally, 88 per cent said that the fire and rescue service is a good value for money in exchange for their council tax bills.

Fire and rescue services make up approximately 4 per cent of council tax, whereas police services are allocated 10 to 11 per cent.

General Secretary of the Fire Brigades Union, Matt Wrack, said of the findings:

“This survey shows what we already know, which is that the public places a tremendous value on the work fire-fighters do, which isn’t just about fighting fires these days, but a whole range of other work, from assisting paramedics, to emergency response, lift rescues, public education, chemical spillages and road traffic accidents and even assisting at the thankfully rare scenes of terrorist attacks such as 7/7.

“Fire-fighters put their lives at risk to save others, and this selflessness is clearly something the public hold very dear.

“It’s a great shame that the government are focussed on decimating the fire and rescue service instead of injecting the investment it now badly needs in order to save lives and protect communities.”he said.

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