Survey finds working in an office can cost £1,716 per year

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8th January 2020 13:33 - Public Consultation

Survey finds working in an office can cost £1,716 per year: A survey has revealed that the true cost of having an office job can set you back a pretty penny - and while many workers are happy to put in for colleague gifts and charity events, others resent being asked. 

The poll of 2,000 office workers by Nationwide Building Society found that the cost of working in an office and the purchase of clothes, office parties, gifts and charity events can amount to £1,715.52  a year. This, says the building society can cost a person £68,000 over the course of their working lifetime - and does not even take into account lunches and transport!

The survey found that over a period of 12 months, office workers typically spend £292 on drinks, parties and nights out, while £154.44 is spent on clothing and £116 on technology. A similar amount is spent on sweets and snacks (£115), while £108 is contributed to colleague birthday gifts and cards. 

Other expenses include coffees and teas (£115), colleague leaving gifts (£97), retirement gifts (£92), wedding gifts (£89) and charity sponsorship requests (£91). 

The survey also found that while more than half the respondents polled were happy to contribute towards leaving gifts (54%) and birthday presents (54%) some are less happy about putting in. 

One in six said that they do not like being asked to contribute money for colleagues' charity endeavours (15%) with almost a quarter of respondents saying they felt a sense of pressure when asked by colleagues to give money. Almost a fifth resent buying teas or coffees for their colleagues during a working day, while almost a third (32%) admitted to having to borrow money off a colleague during their time at work. 

Of those who had borrowed money, 11% admitted to not paying it back - most common amongst younger workers (16-24 year olds) with almost a fifth guilty of not reimbursing their colleagues (18%). 

When asked about their relationship with their co-workers, many said they consider their colleagues friends, with 79% regularly going out with them after work. This figure was even higher among 16 to 24 year-olds (87%) and 25 to 34 year-olds (85%). 

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