Survey reveals Germany to have the best response to Covid-19 in Europe

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15th October 2020 12:49 - Public Consultation

Survey reveals Germany to have the best response to Covid-19 in Europe: A survey of 19 countries around the globe has found that Germany's response to the coronavirus pandemic has been ranked the best in Europe, according to public opinion. 

The research by The Barcelona Institute for Global Health, ISGlobal, polled 13,400 survey respondents, asking them to rate their country's response to the crisis on a scale of 1 to 5, with an average score then calculated out of 100. 

The questions posed to respondents included how easy it is for people to have access to regular health services, whether mental health outreach has been extended to meet increased demand, and how easily it is to get tested for the virus and receive results quickly. 

While Germany came top overall with an average score of 61.32, Italy was second, with a score of 51.71 - despite its earlier handling of the pandemic during the first wave. In third, was France (49.20), followed by Russia (48.85) and then the UK (48.66). 

Spain ranked sixth in Europe (44.68), followed by Sweden (42.07) and Poland (41.28).

Looking at the UK, the lowest score out of the 20 questions asked came from the lack of PPE supplied to healthcare workers. 

Looking at the results globally, China ranked in the top spot with an average score of 80.48, followed by South Korea (74.54), South Africa (64.62) and India (63.88) 

Overall, countries in Asia were found to have better scores, whereas some of the lowest scores could be found in Latin America and in Europe. 

The full results

80.48 China 

74.54 South Korea 

64.62 South Africa 

63.88 India 

61.32 Germany 

61.00 Canada 

57.55 Singapore 

51.71 Italy 

50.57 United States 

49.20 France 

48.85 Russia 

48.66 United Kingdom 

46.48 Mexico 

46.32 Nigeria 

44.68 Spain 

42.07 Sweden 

41.28 Poland 

36.35 Brazil 

35.76 Ecuador

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