Teacher Survey Reveals Top Ranked Names of Naughty Children

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7th September 2011 18:43 - Public Consultation

A UK survey of 1000 teachers commissioned by parenting club Bounty has discovered the names of children that are most commonly found to be troublemakers in class.

Topping the naughty list for boys are Aaron, Adam, Brandon, Callum and Connor, while high ranking girls' names were found to be Abbie, Abigail, Aimee, Chloe and Courtney.

Lisa Penney at Bounty commented: "Rightly or wrongly, it's only natural to make some assumptions about what children may be like from hearing their names, and teachers aren't any different."

She added: "Whether it's from previous experience with pupils, or people they've known from their own past, certain names seem to strike a nerve with teachers - although I'm sure they are all more than happy to be proved wrong."

Nevertheless, however difficult these children are generally found to be, boys named Aaron were also voted the brightest, and the most troublesome girl’s name, Abbie, was rated as the most popular.

Ms Penney concluded: "This suggests that whilst they're disruptive, the 'naughtier' children are actually better at learning and other members of the class look up to them."

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