UK Poll Discovers People Most Content At Age 38

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28th October 2011 16:56 - Public Consultation

In contrast to the popular belief that “life begins at 40”, a new poll has revealed that 38 is the age at which Britons feel most content with their lives.

Carried out by The Huffington Post UK Lifestyle website, the survey of 2,000 British adults aged 18 and above showed that it’s not just wisdom that comes with age, but a general sense of wellbeing. The respondents said they felt better about themselves in their thirties than when they were younger.

In addition, those in their twenties were also found to be more likely to care more about money than their health, to look enviously at their friends’ lifestyles and even to spend more time worrying about getting old.

Editor of The Huffington Post UK Lifestyle website, Georgia James, commented: “In a time when the anti-ageing industry reigns supreme, it is refreshing to see evidence that maturity, far from being a negative state, is rather the key to true contentment and inner wellbeing.

She added: “Career, friends and relationships all play a huge part in contributing to our overall wellbeing, so in many ways it’s no surprise to see that it’s only once we begin to find resolution in these areas of life that we can really start to make the most of living.”

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