57% of Londoners would pay more for sustainable fashion, reveals survey

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16th October 2019 12:57 - Retail

57% of Londoners would pay more for sustainable fashion: A survey of Londoners has found that more than half (57%) would be prepared to pay more for clothing if it was sustainable and represented good value for money.

The research for online marketplace, OnBuy, also revealed that 49% would be encouraged to buy more sustainable clothing, or pay more for garments, if they were of good quality, while 35% said they would if the pieces were ‘stylish’.

Almost three in ten (29%) said that if the items were convenient to buy then they could be tempted, while for 28% it was dependent upon the materials used. Just a quarter (25%) said the environmental friendliness of a particular brand would encourage them to pay more for garments or buy more items.  

The features which best define sustainable fashion

The survey of 1,000 capital dwellers also asked respondents about the features which they think best defines sustainable fashion, with ‘ethical and fair trade and labour practices’ topping the chart, selected by just under half (48%). 

In second place were products that were made without polluting the environment and free from dangerous chemicals, selected by 31% of the capital’s consumers. 

Three in ten respondents polled said that sustainable fashion should be high quality and durable (30%), while the same amount said garments should include biodegradable or sustainable packaging (30%).

For 27%, the use of recycled materials defines sustainable fashion, as does reducing or reusing packaging (27%) and using biodegradable materials (20%). Other indicators included a ‘minimised logistics/good supply chain practice’ (18%), the use of organic materials  such as cotton, silk or wool (17%) as well as resource saving technology (16%) and engaging with local communities (12%).

Just over one in ten (11%) said that the use of upcycled materials best defines sustainable fashion, while the same percentage said second hand goods do. Ten percent (10%) reported that low impact care was key, as were ‘take-back’ programmes (7%) which might offer  incentives such as vouchers or discounts for bringing unwanted clothes to be recycled. 

Repair services were selected by 6% as key to sustainable fashion, as was resale of unwanted items (6%), while donation was selected by one in five shoppers (5%). For two percent, rental services were key to sustainable fashion, as was sharing clothes - also 2%. 

The research also found that Londoners Googled 'sustainable fashion' 1,900 times a month on average.

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