58% of shoppers are planning to give up fast fashion this year, finds survey

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3rd March 2022 07:27 - Retail

58% of shoppers are planning to give up fast fashion this year: A survey of UK consumers, asking for opinions around shopping habits and sustainability, has found that in 2022, 58% of those polled are planning to bid farewell to fast fashion.

The survey, by sustainable fashion platform, Unfolded, asked about how consumers might alter their shopping habits in 2022, finding that almost three-quarters are planning to reduce the amount of shopping they do this year (73%), while many are planning to shop with brands who support or invest in good causes (62%). A further 61% are planning to upcycle and reuse their clothes more, found the survey.

The research also found that around seven in 10 respondents said that despite Covid-19 restrictions easing, they are less likely to shop at physical stores than they were before the pandemic.

What are the most important factors when buying clothes?

According to the research, consumers are now more likely than they had been to consider ethical factors and sustainability when they are shopping.

When asked what the most important factors are when they are buying clothing, the top answer selected was 'sustainable fabrics', with 86% revealing this was important for them. This was followed by 81% who said they want to know more about the factory working conditions where the garments were made. Both factors came above 'price' as a factor when buying new clothes (78.6%). Interestingly, the research found that just 16% of consumers polled were concerned with fast delivery.

Cally Russell, CEO and Co-founder of Unfolded said: “To succeed in retail in 2022 we need to understand that not only have shopping habits changed thanks to covid lockdowns, but the pandemic has also prompted shoppers to be more aware of the impact their shopping choices make on the planet and its workforce, with more and more looking for sustainable ethical options.”

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