67% of UK consumers are planning to buy Black Friday deals this year, reveals survey

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19th November 2020 17:40 - Retail

67% of UK consumers are planning to buy Black Friday deals this year: An annual shopping survey has found that 67% of UK consumers are planning to participate in Black Friday this year, an increase of 10% on last year.

The survey by Retail Assistant polled 1,200 people, finding that the number of people planning to shop solely on the high street (before restrictions were brought in) had more than doubled from last year's figures. Eight percent (8%) said they had been planning to shop for their Black Friday deals at bricks and mortar stores only, compared to just 3% last year.

Another interesting finding revealed by the survey was that clothes look to be the top planned purchase of buyers, whereas in previous years it has been technology products. More than half the respondents polled said they plan to buy clothing (55%), followed by beauty items (31%) and technology (24%).

Of the 33% of respondents not planning to buy anything on Black Friday, 50% said they might change their mind, while a fifth (21%) said they wouldn't be participating as they are trying to save money. Sixteen percent said they haven't seen anything they would like to buy, while 13% said they were trying to buy less.

Christmas Shopping 

When it comes to Christmas shopping, two-thirds (66%) of respondents said they are planning to start their festive shopping early this year, with 43% revealing the main reason for this is to spread the cost. After budgeting, the second most cited reason was that it 'gave them something to do', followed by 'more time to spend on it' (34%), 'delivery' (34%), and to 'beat the crowds' (23%).

Of all the respondents who plan to shop online this year, 48% plan to do so as it is 'easier to get something delivered', while less than a fifth  (19%)said they would shop online because it is safer.

Respondents were asked how they would shop if they had a choice and there were no lockdown restrictions in place, with just 58% saying entirely online, compared to 71% who said they same in last year's survey.

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