67% of retailers that have invested in BOPIS services report increased sales volume last year, finds poll

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26th February 2021 11:47 - Retail

67% of retailers who invested in BOPIS services in reported increased sales volume last year: A survey of retailers in the UK as well as the US has found that the brands able to perform well during the coronavirus pandemic were the ones that invested in operational infrastructure prior to the 2020 peak trading period. 

The brands, which invested in Buy Online Pick-up In-Store (BOPIS) services, curbside pick-up and other omni-channel options have been the most successful during the pandemic, found the research, with two-thirds (67%) of those who had invested in BOPIS services revealing they have been able to capitalise on digital sales as a result of Covid-19 lockdowns.

More than half the retailers who offered curbside pick ups  (55%) also reported increased sales volume. 

The survey, commissioned by end to end e-commerce provider, PFS, helped to inform the final report into changes within the retail industry, titled 'Digital takeover: What retailers can learn from peak season 2020 about a digital-first future’. 

It found that many retailers are looking to invest in their brand’s digital capabilities in 2021 in response to changes in consumer behavior. The research found that more than a third (36%) are  planning to up  their investment in fulfilment capabilities, while a third  (33%) are interested in increasing their online customer services capacity. Three in 10 (30%) are interested in curbside pickup; 28% are seeking to enhance their 'ship from store' offering, while nearly a quarter seek to improve Buy Online Pick-up In-Store (BOPIS) services. 

The survey also revealed insight into the challenges faced by retailers who had not made the necessary changes before the peak retail season. Nearly half the retailers polled (48%) said they did not have enough time to make the changes they needed to make to help sustain their sales during the peak season, however, 50% felt they were ‘adequately prepared’. Around one in six (17%) said they felt that because of their failure to make the needed operational changes, they missed out on critical sales. 

More than half  the retailers surveyed (53%) said they had issues when it came to locating available stock, while 52.6% said they did not have enough internal resource available and 45% said their existing technology was just not prepared for the increase in transactions. 

Christophe Pecoraro, managing director of PFS Europe, said: “The results to our research clearly show that those retailers who invested in omni-channel last year had a successful peak season – whilst those that didn’t struggled. Now is the time for brands to reflect on these learnings and invest in an omni-channel approach. That means more than just BOPIS and curbside pick-up, but the inventory and operational infrastructure that underpins it.”

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