A quarter of consumers may avoid shopping destinations if the coronavirus situation worsens, reveals poll

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11th March 2020 15:09 - Retail

A quarter of consumers may avoid shopping destinations if the coronavirus situation worsens: A survey by Retail Economics and law firm, Squire, has suggested that if the coronavirus outbreak worsens, a quarter of shoppers may consider avoiding public shopping areas such as retail parks and the high street, while almost 30% said they may stay away from cinemas and restaurants.

The survey of 2,000 consumers also found that a third of respondents would consider not taking buses, trains and other forms of public transport. 

Currently, almost a quarter are avoiding contact with other people, while 15% are choosing not to use public transport and 9% are staying away from restaurants and cinemas. 

In response to the virus, almost half the people surveyed (49%) said they would consider buying goods from online retailers instead of on the high street, however half said they would avoid buying products from international sellers who import their stock directly from China.

In a separate survey by Retail Economics, 45% of retailers said they have seen a negative impact on sales since the coronavirus crisis began.

The survey of 30 retailers across a broad spectrum of the industry (food, fashion, beauty and health) also found that three-quarters are expecting to see sales fall if the situation gets worse. 

The survey revealed that retailers are already experiencing supply chain disruption, with almost a quarter (24%) saying it is having a significant impact on their business. The survey also revealed that just 7% of participants believe they have enough flexibility in their supply chain to change suppliers.

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