Amazon Rated Best Value Brand in the World

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14th March 2011 17:36 - Retail

A global poll conducted as part of Millward Brown’s Value-D study has found Amazon to be the top rated brand for best value globally.
The online retail giant garnered the highest score for both desirability and competitive pricing.

The report revealed that despite the current economic climate, low prices aren’t enough to win over the majority of customers - brands need to focus on building desire.

It also demonstrated that discount brands can be perceived by consumers as low value if they don’t create appeal, while expensive brands that cultivate desire are often seen as good value.

Only 7% of the consumers surveyed said they make purchases based on price alone, while a total of 81% voted the reliability of a brand as an important reason to purchase.

The runners-up to Amazon at top place in the poll are, consecutively, Colgate, Nokia Pampers, Visa, Coca-Cola, Microsoft and McDonald’s.

The UK’s Top 10 Value-D brands saw, Colgate, Microsoft, Ebay and Asda ranking in the top five.
This current study forms a sub-group of Millward Brown’s BrandZ Report, which will be released in May.

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