Complaints about online shopping up 138% in the last year to over a quarter of a million cases, reveals survey

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7th July 2021 15:30 - Retail

Complaints about online shopping up 138% in the last year to over a quarter of a million cases: A survey has found that the number complaints about online shopping (267,141) has risen by 138% in the past year, making the online shopping industry the most complained about. The survey, by independent issue resolution service, Resolver, aimed to provide an up-to-date report of complaints on a variety of industries and sectors in 2020/21.

The increase of complaints in the online shopping industry could be explained by the shutting of high-street shops; however, high-street complaints only decreased by 8% despite being closed for the majority of the year.

The survey also found there had been over 200,000 complaints about delivery, with there being nearly 92,000 complaints about product packaging. Furthermore, takeaway complaints increased by 42% as more people chose to dine in.

A different survey revealed the top reasons for bad reviews from customers, with 49% of complaints being because of a lack of ability to meet the customer’s satisfaction. Furthermore, just under a third (32%) polled in the Circuit survey said taking too long to respond was the reason for their complaint, while 30% stated they expressed displeasure because of bad attitude.

On the other hand, it was revealed that customers are more likely to leave a positive review than a negative one. A third of those surveyed said they would leave a good review after one positive experience; in contrast, only 13% said they would leave a negative review after just one bad experience.

More than two-fifths (44%) of online shoppers said that they read reviews before buying online, with around the same proportion saying they would purchase a product from a seller with a rating of below three stars. Furthermore, nine in 10 respondents said they would read a product review when buying personal technology, whilst two-thirds said they would do more research when purchasing clothes online.

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