Consumer Study Reveals Top Annoyances Suffered by High Street Shoppers

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26th March 2013 16:00 - Retail


A survey has uncovered the biggest bugbears voted by Britons when out shopping.

The most annoying aspect of visiting shops, voted by 25% of UK consumers, is arrogant and rude staff – examples include assistants making a prospective customer feel unwelcome or giving the impression they are disinterested and will only help if they absolutely must.

On the other hand, it was acknowledged that many retail employees are not highly paid and in many cases face taxing shifts and the stress of rude customers, making it hard to stay cheerful.

The survey respondents voted the second-biggest bugbear, at 16%, as being rude people who jump the queue. Third place in the list of irritations, voted by 15% of the surveyants, was finding the wrong size on the hanger - something that most people only discover after they’ve made it into the changing room.

This was followed by inconsistent sizing (14%), which makes it impossible to buy anything without trying it on first since a person’s size fit varies dramatically from shop-to-shop.

Fifth on the list of bugbears was small changing rooms, which annoys 9% of shoppers. Rounding off the top ten were cluttered stores (7%), damaged garments (6%), lack of personnel to help during busy periods (5%), slow walkers (2%) and loud music in-store (1%).

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