Consumers believe that supermarket chains treat their customers fairly, survey reveals

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23rd February 2015 12:57 - Retail

According to research from comparison website,, large supermarket chains have been identified as one of the top three Consumers believe that supermarket chains treat their customers fairly, survey revealsbusinesses, which treat their customers fairly.

Expanding on this, double the amount of consumers in the United Kingdom would put their trust in large supermarkets, such as Tesco and Asda, to treat their customers fairly, as opposed to insurance companies or energy suppliers.

The research questioned over 2000 people about 18 product and service providers, and found that consumers ranked supermarket chains the same as financial price comparison websites, at third place.

Ranking higher than supermarket chains were large online fashion retailers (second place) and large online retailers (first).

The reason for large supermarket chains ranking lower than online fashion retailers was that 20 per cent of respondents claimed supermarket chains were “likely to treat their customers fairly or unfairly”, as opposed to large online fashion retailer’s percentage of 15 per cent.

However, supermarket chains would have been ranked in second place, should the research have been determined by the percentage of respondents who claimed the product or service was “likely to treat customers fairly or very fairly”, as opposed to taking into consideration the percentage of people who agreed with the statement: “likely to treat customers unfairly or very unfairly”.

On the other end of the scale, ranking the least fair, were: payday lenders, estate agents and energy suppliers.

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