Consumers using new payments methods since COVID-19 lockdown began, reveals survey

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6th May 2020 15:54 - Retail

Consumers using new payments methods since COVID-19 lockdown began, reveals survey: As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to change the world as we know it, more and more studies are showing how our shopping habits are changing. The latest poll by Paysafe has found that since the government announced lockdown measures in March, more than half UK shoppers have tried a new payment method to buy goods. 

The research questioned 8,000 consumers around the globe and found that just over a fifth (21%) of shoppers who have not previously bought online before have made their first purchases, with 43% saying they have ordered more online since the onset of coronavirus because they can't access the high street. 

The study noted that the vast majority of people polled (84%) are now approaching the way they pay for items differently, with more than three-fifths (63%) saying that while the pandemic continues they will look to buy things using contactless payment methods. Slightly less (61%) said that they are much happier using contactless payments than they were before the current crisis. 

Digital wallets such as Skrill are also being used for the first time, according to the research, with 12% of respondents saying they have now used one. 

The report titled 'Lost in Transaction' also found that nearly half of all consumers are worried about handling cash at the moment (48%), with just 28% of UK consumers currently choosing this method of payment to purchase goods. 

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