Cost of products 17% more expensive in Duty Free, according to poll.

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3rd July 2019 12:32 - Retail

Cost of products 17% more expensive in Duty Free: A survey looking into the prices consumers pay at duty free shops compared to the high street or online has revealed shoppers may be paying much more for what they might assume are better value goods.

The research by finance comparison site, found some examples of passengers paying up to 150% more at duty free stores with prices on average, 17% steeper at the airport.

The greatest hike in prices was for chocolate and sweets, with goodies costing around 67% more than they do for the same product on the high street.

While you can pick up a 268g bag of M&Ms at the supermarket, according to the price tag was a £3.78 at the airport. And while a Cadbury Oreo bar was just £2 at the supermarket, it was £5 in duty free.

Those expecting a good deal when it comes to alcohol might also be disappointed with the poll finding that wine cost on average 8% more, and whisky 9% more expensive at the airport. An example given was Grey Goose Vodka costing £45.79 at the airport but available for £31.90 online.

Sunglasses were also found to be more expensive in many cases with a pair of Rayban aviators costing £113.30 at the airport compared to £81 online.

The research found that great deals were out there, however, with makeup being around 16% cheaper in duty free than on the high street. chief executive Jon Ostler said: “Our research found that the average price for an item bought in duty-free was 17% more than the cheapest available figures online, which included at least three products that were more than double that of the online price"

In response, World Duty Free said of the findings: "No retailer can promise that all its products will always be the cheapest in today’s fast-moving retail world and we do not make this claim, nor do we state that our products will always cheaper than those bought from online retailers."

"We are pleased to note that the research acknowledged that customers could find better prices on many items."

“The research also highlighted that we offer many exclusive products in our airport stores that can’t be found online or on the high street and often represent good value for money."

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