Customer Service Most Important This Christmas, Reveals Market Research

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25th November 2013 12:52 - Retail

New research carried out by Westfield has revealed that Marks and Spencer has come out on top when it comes to good customer service, Tesco and Asda also made the top ten. The survey, which was carried out across the UK, also revealed that those stores that fail to deliver excellent customer service could be missing out on more than £5 billion of potential sales. Seventy six per cent of shoppers said they would walk out of store if they received bad customer service.

With only one month left until Christmas, fifty per cent of shoppers have said they want better customer service this year, with 60% of full time mums saying this. The top four requests on the service wish list are longer shopping hours, guaranteed delivery, good parking and everything under one roof.  Furthermore, 54% would be happy to pay extra to have an express till which proves that our leisure time is in increasingly in short supply with the need for speed.  Other things shoppers would like to see are more 24-hour opening times, some also claimed they wouldn’t mind paying extra for private and more luxurious changing rooms. Available staff was desired by seventy three per cent, although a significant 69% said they would prefer to be left alone to shop on their own without interacting with staff.

Although smartphones are a popular way to shop and self-serve, the research discovered that the importance of the role of sales assistants is considered essential – especially in technical stores (85%), high street shoe shops (81%), luxury brand fashion retailers (80%) and high street fashion retailers (76%). Although self-service tills are well accepted in supermarkets, three out of four shoppers are not convinced they should be introduced across other sectors. 

Commenting on the findings, Retail Guru, Mary Portas, said: “I’m not surprised to see the huge emphasis the Westfield How We Shop Now results put on delivering great service. Today, no business can get away with not giving people a brilliant experience. In a world where the shopper truly is king, every retailer must maximise every touch point. In the boom years they might have got away with it but now we expect more. People will vote with their feet, they expect a great experience. Ultimately, we will always ask ‘did I come in and get what I wanted?”

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