Gaming equipment is the lockdown purchase most commonly regretted, finds survey

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14th January 2022 10:57 - Retail

Gaming equipment is the lockdown purchase most commonly regretted: A survey of consumers looking at purchases made during the pandemic has found that gaming equipment is the most commonly regretted, with 45% of those who bought items, wishing they had not taken the plunge. 

The survey of 4,000 UK adults by Aviva, also found that 5% of respondents bought a hot tub during lockdown, with 36% regretting the decision.

According to the How We Live report, since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, more than £6.6 billion has been spent on items that are no longer in use.

Amongst the items causing 'buyer's remorse' were also: tools and carpentry equipment (43%); home gym equipment (39%); pizza ovens (37%), and hot tubs (36%). 

Around a third of people polled said they regretted buying equipment for sports such as fishing or golf (34%), while others had bought a scooter which they wished they hadn’t (33%), and garden furniture (32%). 

Jewellery (32%), kitchen appliances such as air fryers or bread-makers (31%), voice-activated assistants (31%), smartphone/tablets (30%) and TVs were also mentioned (30%), along with hobby equipment (30%), computer equipment (28%), and bikes (27%). 

Amongst the reasons given for people buying these items was social media; consumers responding to the many product videos viewed on platforms such as TikTok; as well as buying through boredom. 

Managing director Aviva, Nicola Charles, said: “So much has changed since the start of 2020. The way we work, how we interact with others — and it seems the contents of our homes too. Faced with weeks or months at home, many of us made purchases to entertain ourselves, often costing hundreds or even thousands of pounds.”

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