High street shopping provides an escape from isolation 72% of the North West believes

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27th October 2014 15:58 - Retail

A recent survey, conducted by A-Plan, Wilmslow, suggests that 72% of respondents in the North West believe that interaction, whilst shopping on the high street, helps prevent feeling isolated.

In the North West, 74% believe that shops are a source of social interaction for those in society who feel isolated. This percentage was the same in the national findings. This percentage rose to 80% for those over 55 living in the North West.

Of the North West respondents, 35% of them said that they had terminated an online order because they could not speak to anyone to solve a query. The national findings were similar for this as 39% admit to doing the same.

The survey found that 94% of people feel that it is vital to support local businesses and a quarter of people shop on the high street at least once a week.

57% of participants in the national survey felt fear that society is becoming more isolated as more services can be done online.

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