International Market Research Reveals Shopping Preferences of Britons

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24th September 2012 15:44 - Retail

A global, year-long study into the retail habits and satisfaction levels of consumers by design consultancy Fitch has made some interesting discoveries about British shoppers.

The UK has been found to have the least content customers around the globe, with 19% of the Britons who took part in the study claiming they are unhappy when they shop. This satisfaction level rose significantly however when it comes to fashion retail as 54% said this made them happy, although the figure was still lower than the global consumer average of 64%.

Furthermore, shoppers in the UK are far less likely to use mobile apps to make a purchase – just 3% would do so compared to 28% of people in China.

The same is true when it comes to using social media as a shopping channel – a mere 1% of British respondents have bought through this type of platform, in contrast to 21% of Chinese consumers.

The survey also discovered that ecommerce (purchasing through websites) is the preferred purchase route for Britons, compared to 18% of people in China.

In both these countries however, buying in-store remains the most popular retailchannel, accounting for 50% of UK surveyants and 44% of Chinese consumers.

Fitch Strategy Director, Aaron Shields, commented on the findings: “Shoppers’ needs are not being fully met, and retailers need to act to satisfy consumers in a multichannel world.”

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