Majority of Britons Concerned About Food Fraud, Survey Finds

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9th September 2014 10:39 - Retail

The majority of Britons are concerned about food fraud - when food is deliberately placed on the market, for financial gain, with the intention of deceiving the consumer - a recent study has found.

Almost three quarters (73%) of the survey’s 2,010-strong sample said they were either very concerned (43%) or fairly concerned (30%) about the recycling of animal by-products back into the food chain. Just one in 20 (6%) said they were not concerned about this - 2% said not at all concerned and 4% said not very concerned.

Similarly, more than seven in 10 (73%) said they were worried about the packaging and selling of beef and poultry with an unknown origin - around two fifths (39%) said very concerned and one third (34%) said fairly concerned. Marginally less than one in 10 (9%) stated they were not at all (3%) or not very (6%) concerned.

Just over two thirds (67%) of Britons said they were anxious of products knowingly being sold when they are past their ‘use by’ date - 18 to 24-year-olds (42%) were much less likely to be concerned over this, with people aged 65+ (78%) most likely to be apprehensive. One in 10 (10%) participants said they were not concerned about products’ ‘use by’ date.

Furthermore, 65% of the survey’s respondents said they felt uneasy about products being substituted with a cheaper alternative, for example, farmed salmon sold as wild - around three in 10 (31%) said they were very concerned, and more than one third (35%) said they were fairly concerned. One in 10 (10%) said they were not worried about this area of food fraud.

More than two thirds (68%) admitted they were anxious about companies making false statements about the source of ingredients, i.e. their geographic, plant or animal origin, compared to just 8% who said they were not concerned.

And, finally, seven in 10 (70%) participants said they were either very concerned (39%) or fairly concerned (31%) about counterfeit products being sold on the high street, for example, alcoholic spirits or washing detergent. One in 10 (10%) said they were not troubled by this - 3% said not at all concerned and 7% said not very concerned.

The research in this study was conducted by Populus.

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