Market Research Finds Online Retailers at Risk by Getting Deliveries Wrong

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7th November 2012 18:27 - Retail


An online survey of 2,107 UK adults by YouGov has shown that many Britons who use the Internet to shop are intolerant of retailers who supply incorrect or damaged goods.

A total of 25% at UK adults said they would be unlikely to buy from an online retailer a second time if their order was incorrectly fulfilled, while this figure rose to 28% if they received a damaged item.

The market research, conducted by logistics service provider Norbert Dentressangle, also looked into other key factors of online retail, such as the importance of late ordering cut-off times for next day deliveries and whether customer feedback influenced purchasing decisions.

In terms of late-ordering cut-off times, only 6% of the surveyants strongly agree that this issue is important, however customer feedback was found to be crucial with 69% agreeing that this influenced their online purchasing decisions, rising to 80% for those who frequently use Twitter.

Head of E-Commerce Development at Norbert Dentressangle, Mark Catley, commented: "Whilst the actual delivery of an online purchase represents an important part of the customer experience, that experience continues into the customer's home, where a retailer has a final, critical opportunity to either delight or disappoint… that retailer does not have the same opportunity to 'make right' at the back of store, at front of store, via a sales assistant or with an 'instant' replacement product as they would in-store, increasing the risk of permanently forfeiting that customer's business."

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