Market Research Reveals Working Mums As Prolific Shoppers

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1st November 2013 12:31 - Retail

New research findings carried out by the Westfield shopping centre has discovered that seventy per cent of full-time working mums in the UK make a decision as to what to buy within three minutes of entering a shop.  Working mums were found to be the most productive shoppers with many researching stores and products online before visiting a store, with almost sixty per cent (59%) saying they would go shopping every day if they could. Additionally, it seems mooching and window shopping are not the preferred shopping experiences – with 38% saying each trip is a ‘mission shop’ with women knowing what they want to buy before they set-out.

The majority of working mums claim to enjoy shopping and fashion so much that 87% state it has become an enjoyable pastime, the figures go on the reveal that working mums enjoy the experience so much they are shopping in person at least 5-6 times a month. More than three fifths(61%) rank shopping as the number one activity to cheer themselves up, followed by reading a book, going to a restaurant and watching TV.

Westfield Marketing Director Myf Rayan added:“Despite living in a seemingly time-poor culture, full-time working mothers have topped our poll as the most frequent and decisive shopper. They are a valuable customer for retailers spending 53% over the national average.”

The research also found that 51% put a lot of time and effort into what they wear (vs. 39% of total population, almost sixty per cent (59%) admit shopping is a guilty pleasure, 74% enjoy showing off new purchases to friends and family and a further 59% have made clothes purchases as a ‘treat’ to themselves.

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