Market Research Shows Rise in Britons Choosing Counterfeit Goods

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5th December 2012 15:09 - Retail


A YouGov survey of more than 2,000 UK consumers by law firm Clarke Willmott LLP and hair care brand ghd has revealed that cash-strapped Britons are increasingly happy to buy or receive knock-offs instead of the genuine article.

Despite numerous high profile campaigns against black market products informing the public that they could be risking their health and becoming a victim of identity theft when purchasing counterfeit goods online, 19% of the respondents said they would be happy to receive fake designer clothes and shoes, 13% felt that way about watches and jewellery, while 8% would be fine with counterfeit electronics.

The acceptance of knock-off goods amongst Britons is on the rise - 18% of the surveyants admitted they had bought a product they knew or suspected was counterfeit compared to last year, while 10% said they had been tempted but have never bought a counterfeit item compared to 9% in 2011.

As Christmas approaches, these figures rise - 24% said they would be happy to receive a gift they knew was counterfeit against 22% last Christmas. One of the main reasons given for this attitude was that the surveyants were aware friends and family are struggling to stretch their budgets for the festive season.

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