Market Research Uncovers Continued Growth of UK Online Shopping

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12th March 2012 16:17 - Retail

According to a study by WorldPay which polled 2,000 Britons who’ve bought goods online in the last 12 months, Internet shoppers spend an average of £3,370 a year.

The 2012 WorldPay eCommerce Basket Survey discovered that 60% of UK these online shoppers make purchases up to three times a month, 40% buy at least once a week and 10% buy 10 times or more throughout each month.

Men were found to be the most prolific online shoppers, spending £3,495 per year on average compared to £3,210 for women.

In terms of items purchased, male Britons spent £145 a year more than females on electronics, £150 more on lifestyle and entertainment and £235 more on travel. Women in contrast were likely to spend £315 on fashion and clothing compared to £188 for men.

Head of eCommerce products at WorldPay, Gabriel Hopkins, commented: “Every day we hear reports that consumer spending is under pressure, but ecommerce continues to grow at a healthy rate. Men are renowned for avoiding shops, but they’re enthusiastic e-shoppers.”

He added: “Men typically spend the most online except in the areas of fashion and clothing where women are power shoppers, spending almost twice as much. With more people than ever buying physical and virtual goods online, it’ll be intriguing to see whether this cultural shift has an impact on the ONS basket contents and value.”

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