Men Catching Up With Women In Terms Of Spending On Clothes, Shoes and Accessories

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31st October 2013 10:36 - Retail

New research carried out by Westfield shopping centre has found that men are only spending ten per cent less than women on shopping trips; with the gap between women and men’s spending narrowing to just one per cent in the 18-34 age group. The research hopes to aid Westfield retailers in understanding their consumers to maximise sales, its aim is to understand how consumers are shopping and why.

In the survey of 1,500 people, two thirds of men said that named brands were an important consideration when deciding which shops to visit compared with less than forty per cent of women. Almost three quarters of all men say they already use a smart phone or tablet when shopping, they check prices online and search for opening times. However, the research goes on to say that around fifty per cent claim the thrill of buying in store could not be replicated by buying online.

The research also reveals that almost sixty per cent of men are decisive shoppers and would decide what they are buying within a few minutes of entering a shop. Those men spending an average of almost thousand pounds a year (£935) on clothes, shoes and accessories favour the brands Nike, Adidas, Next and Marks and Spencer.

Myf Ryan, Marketing Director – UK & Europe, commented: “The rise of the male shopper is a growing trend we are seeing across our centres. Men are now spending £13.25bn every year, making them an extremely valuable group for retailers to target. Understanding what makes them tick when it comes to the shopping experience is crucial.”

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