Mercedes-Benz Takes First Place in 2011 Superbrand Poll

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2nd March 2011 13:45 - Retail

This year’s UK consumer brand poll has found German car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz to be the top rated winner in the 2011 Superbrands listing.

The poll was based on interviews with 2,000 UK consumers and the input of an expert panel. Brands were judged on their reputation, reliability, quality, and distinction.

The Centre for Brand Analysis administered the selection process for the Consumer Superbrands list. Chairman of the expert council and CEO, Stephen Cheliotis, commented: “As 2011 looks to be another tough year for consumer brands, the leading Superbrands can hopefully offset the worst of the downturn by stimulating demand and loyalty over and above the levels its rivals command.”

This is the first time in five years that Microsoft or Google has not taken first place. The Mercedes-Benz brand won this year’s most popular UK consumer brand from Microsoft, which has dropped to sixth place.

Rolex continues to place in the second position, while the BBC was rated third. The top ten is completed by Coca-Cola, Google, Microsoft, BMW, British Airways, Apple and Jaguar.

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