More than half Brits polled say political uncertainty will not affect their festive spend this Christmas

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21st November 2019 12:08 - Retail

More than half Brits polled say political uncertainty will not affect their festive spend this Christmas: While there has been debate around how the upcoming December election and the current Brexit situation might affect retail sales this Christmas, a consumer survey has revealed that 57% believe that political uncertainty will have no impact on their festive purchases. 

The survey of 1500 shoppers by consultancy firm Accenture, also found that an overwhelming majority (87%) are not planning to make any cutbacks at all on their spending this year, saying they will 'spend the same or more' as they did last Christmas.

The research found that almost half the Millennials surveyed (45%) and 38% of Gen Z shoppers plan to increase their spending this year. The respondents who plan to spend more this year will do so on Christmas food, toys and clothes, suggests the poll. 

The survey also found that consumer spending will be spread out across the Christmas period, rather than on one key date(s). Almost half (47%) said they will shop on the last weekend before Christmas, while 42% said they will buy things on Boxing Day and 37% on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 

Environmentally-conscious shopping

The survey asked respondents about their shopping plans with consideration for the environment and found that more than half would be open to receiving pre-loved gifts in their stocking,  while just over a third (35%) said they plan to spend less on gifts or buy no gifts at all. 

When asked about the factors which might have a negative impact of festive spending, the top answers given were rising food bills, inconvenient shopping experiences online, and home energy bills.

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