More than half UK shoppers would switch retailer if digital experience was poor, finds survey

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12th May 2020 17:13 - Retail

More than half UK shoppers would switch retailer if digital experience was poor: A recent survey has revealed that loyalty to a brand may be shortlived if a consumer is underwhelmed with the brand's digital offering when shopping online. 

More than half the 2,009 respondents polled in the UK survey by Nuxeo said that if the digital experience offered by a favourite brand or retailer did not meet their expectations, they would switch to a competitor.

The research, titled ‘Navigating the new normal: How customer experience has become even more important for retailers and brands as they look to the future’, found that one way to ensure retailer loyalty is to offer an 'exceptional' customer experience - with two-thirds of shoppers (63%) revealing it was important to them. 

When asked to identify the elements which would ensure an exceptional customer experience, respondents said 'value for money', as well as a 'reliable delivery service', and useful content relating to a product. 

Factors that would dissuade a customer from buying from a retailer or brand included a lack of product information on the retailer's website (58%), while half (50%) said if a retailer had a poor imagery on its website they would look to buy somewhere else. Indeed 45% said that images are a very important part of their online shopping experience, with almost three in ten (28%) saying they like to have 360-degree imagery available. 

Videos are also important to consumers when shopping online, particularly within the youngest age group. Two-fifths (39%) of 16-24 year-olds said they use product videos to help them when deciding what to buy 'often' or 'always', compared to 27% of respondents overall. 

More than a fifth of the respondents polled (21%) said that a lack of information online about products was one of the greatest problems they encountered, increasing to a quarter (25%) amongst 16-24 year-olds. 

Looking at the online user experience, the survey revealed two fifths (41%) regularly engage with a brand or retailer's mobile app, while slightly more browse content and products through a retailer's website. The research found that consumers also go to look at products on the website of the brand itself (28%). 

Social media was also found to be important when engaging with consumers, with a quarter of participants saying they interact with content produced by a favourite brand via Facebook every day. This compares to 15% via Instagram, 10% via Twitter and 5% via TikTok. Tik Tok, however, was more popular with 16-24 year-olds, with 15% saying they engage with brand content daily.

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