New survey reveals why some customers feel embarrassed about using reusable bottles

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16th November 2017 18:06 - Retail

New survey reveals why customers feel embarrassedNew survey reveals why some customers feel embarrassed about using reusable bottles: The average household is estimated to recycle 270 plastic bottles each year, however nationally, around 16million plastic bottles are not ethically discarded.

To help reduce the tonnes of rubbish that are produced each year, retail firms, particularly FMCG markets, are advertising alternative solutions to encourage both their teams and their customers to recycle more.  

Big chain food retailers have implemented alternative food waste strategies to help reduce the amount of food waste that is produced; such as donating excess food to local charities, or food banks

In addition, retailers are also cracking down on the use of plastic by selling reusable coffee cups and BPA-free bottles, while some are cutting down on the need for plastic food packaging altogether. However, customers feel awkward asking retailers to fill their reusable bottle.

According to a recent survey, almost three quarters of Brits (71%) are too embarrassed to ask food and beverage retailers to refill their empty bottle, if they are not purchasing another item.

Yet, over a third (37%) still felt awkward for asking the retailer to put their beverage in a reusable bottle, despite buying a separate item.

Alternatively, over half (59%) of those surveyed said they are more likely to use a reusable water bottle if tap refills were freely available in shops, airports and parks.

Furthermore, the survey also revealed that 57 percent of people believe that businesses that serve food or drinks should be required to provide free drinking water. Although it is legally required for food/beverage retailers to give customers free tap water when requested, businesses can still charge for the use of their glasses, if they want.

Though the Parliament’s Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (EFRA) Committee continue call upon major supermarkets to become more transparent with their food waste, major cafés are becoming more open to the concept of recycling their waste. 

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