One in four UK shoppers are reducing the amount of fast fashion they buy, reveals survey

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11th September 2019 13:34 - Retail

One in four UK shoppers are reducing the amount of fast fashion they buy: A survey of UK shoppers has found that more than a quarter opolled (27%) are actively reducing the amount of fast fashion they buy. Similarly, a third (33%) are purposely avoiding buying garments they will only wear once, suggesting shoppers are becoming more environmentally conscious when it comes to buying clothes.

The survey questioned 2,000 UK adults about their shopping habits and attitudes and found that more than a third (36%) said that they don’t ‘need’ the volume of clothing items they buy, while 40% admitted they have clothes hanging in their wardrobes that have never been worn. Seventeen percent (17%) said they own items that have only been worn on a single occasion.  

Asking respondents about what they do with clothes they no longer wear, 72% reported that they take their unwanted clothing to the charity shop, while more than half (52%) said that rather than throwing broken clothing away, they have their garments repaired. 

Sustainable clothing brand, Thought, who commissioned the research, used their survey findings and other sources to calculate that UK shoppers will buy an average of 28 garments each in 2019, but will not wear 12 of them - meaning 57% will be left hanging in their wardrobe. This equates, they say, to to 1.5 billion items bought in the UK this year, 640 million of which will never be worn - and huge volumes likely destined for landfill (reports suggest 350,000 tonnes of clothing per year ends up in UK landfill). 

Other findings in the research also suggest a shift towards living in a more sustainable way, with respondents saying they are using less plastic (56%), eating less meat (24%) and reducing the number of flights they take (16%). The survey also found that 38% are opting to walk or cycle instead of using a car.

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