One third of UK shoppers have left a negative review online, reveals poll

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19th June 2019 15:49 - Retail

One third of online consumers have left a negative review: A survey of shoppers has found almost a third have written a negative review online after receiving goods or services they were not happy with.

It also found seven out of ten have made a complaint online in the last twelve months.

The poll of 2,000 UK adults also found that three quarters (76%) will tell friends or colleagues about a negative retail experience they have had to warn them off a product or brand.

Commissioned by retail operations platform, Brightpearl, the survey found that over half of those polled (55%) have never left a negative review online, however the same number (55%) admitted a sense of regret for not being able to let a company know of their disappointment following a bad retail experience.

When it comes to shopping online, two out of five shoppers said that reading just a single negative review about a retailer or product has been enough to put them off ordering from the brand, with 45% saying they always analyse a company's reviews before buying something.

If a retailer has star ratings or reviews showing them to be 'excellent', 55% of respondents said they would be likely to buy goods from them, and even be willing to pay 22% more than a company with poor reviews selling the product.

So, how many positive reviews does a consumer want to see on a retailer’s website before they part with their hard-earned cash? The average response given in the survey was '30'. It also found that for many shoppers, ratings below four or five stars are generally perceived negatively, while shoppers are highly dubious of using a retailer who has five or more negative reviews online.

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